1) Only wood bats are allowed in the Fab 50 Baseball League.

2) Games will be played on Sunday mornings at Glenview CPW, Northbrook Meadowhill, Trinity International University and other fields to be determined.

3) Makeup games could be played on Thursday nights or other days & times to be determined.

4) Each team will be responsible for choosing its jersey, cap and pants.


1) All games will be seven (7) innings.

2) All games will have a time limit of 2H-30 Minutes unless noted due to time restrictions

3) No inning will start after 2H-30 Minutes.

4) If the game is tied after a completed inning at 2H-20 minutes or later, the game will go to a one-inning shootout.

5) If the game is tied after the time deadline OR after one shootout inning, the game will be declared a tie.

6) There is NO slaughter rule. If a game is getting out of control, the team leading should consider changing pitchers and not stealing or advancing on passed balls or wild pitches.

7) All teams will keep an accurate scorebook and transfer statistics to the box score on the Fab 50 website. League standings and stats will be displayed on the website.


1) All players will be in the starting batting order unless they request to be omitted.

2) Players arriving after the game has started will be placed at the bottom of the lineup.

3) All players will play at least three 3-innings defensively unless they request to be omitted.

4) If a player leaves a game prior to conclusion due to injury or other reasons, the team will skip the batter’s place in the lineup WITHOUT penalty. If a player is ejected from the game, the player’s place in the lineup will be recorded as an out.


1) Teams are allowed a maximum of 5-runs per inning, with no limit in the final inning.

2) On a passed ball or wild pitch to the back screen, the ump will call time out and the on-deck batter will retrieve the baseball (speed-up rule).


1) A batter CANNOT be thrown out at first base by an outfielder under any circumstances.

2) Outfielders are NOT allowed on the infield dirt under any circumstances.

3) Runners CAN be forced out at 2nd, 3rd and home plate by an outfielder.


1) If the runner believes there might be a collision with the first baseman, the runner will be allowed to go past the bag in foul territory without touching it (umps will be reminded of this rule at the pre-game plate conference).


1) Runners are NOT allowed to steal any bases.

2) Runners limited to 10’ leadoff + secondary lead when pitcher’s arm comes forward.

3) Runners on 1st and/or 2nd base can advance on a passed ball or wild pitch (defined as when the pitched ball leaves the circle of dirt around home plate).

4) Runners can advance only one base on a WP or PB, but CANNOT score from third base on a WP or PB.

5) Runners on 3rd base CANNOT score on an errant throw from the catcher back to the pitcher.

6) Runners at any base CAN advance if a direct play has been made on a base runner.


1) Batters will run the bases unless they request a courtesy runner.

3) Courtesy runners are determined by the last recorded out (not batted).

4) Pitchers and/or Catchers cam get a courtesy runner with 2-outs in an inning (optional).

5) If ball four to a batter is a passed ball or wild pitch, the batter cannot advance to 2nd base.


1) Pitchers are allowed a maximum of 12 outs (usually 4 innings).

2) Managers can ask the opposing manager to waive the limit (request can be denied).

3) Pitchers may re-enter as a pitcher only one time during the same game.


1) Substitute players must register on the Fab 50 site or they are NOT eligible to play. No exceptions.

2) Substitute players are allowed to play only one games free, then they must pay the league registration fee designated by the Commissioner.

3) On the game lineup cards exchanged at home plate, managers must identitfy subs with an "S" next to the name of each sub. A verbal mention is also recommended at the home plate conference.

4) Substitute players must be placed at the bottom of the batting order.

5) Substitute players are NOT allowed to pitch unless the opposing manager agrees to waive the rule.


1) Teams will play one iinning, with the last batted out from the previous inning starting the new inning at second base.

2) Each hitter comes to the plate with a 2-2 count. If the pitch is a called strike or missed on the swing, the batter is out. If the pitch is fouled off, the count remains 2-2.

3) Each team gets 3 outs.                                                                                            

4) If the score remains tied after one shootout inning, the game will be considered a tie.


5) Defensive players are not allowed to fake a play in order to get a runner to slide or hesitate, and are not allowed to mislead an advancing runner by suggesting a batted ball was foul or time has been called. Umpires will warn or eject offending players.


1) Unless the catcher is in possession of the ball, the catcher CANNOT block the pathway of the runner attempting to score.

2) Catchers CANNOT block home plate anticipating possession of the ball.

3) Catchers CANNOT straddle home plate, which is considered blocking the plate.

4) For a play at the plate, catchers are advised to move into fair territory in front of the plate.


1) Managers will provide fielders or players to teams lacking at least 8-players.