Roster For Pipe Dreams:

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Team Manager: Clancy Evans
Name Position Jersey # Bats / Throws
Anagnostopoulos, Bill IF, OF   0   R/R  
Barz, Mike 1B   0   R/R  
Bushmann, Kevin IF, OF   0   R/R  
Evans, Clancy IF, P   0   R/R  
Garcia, Alberto OF, IF   0   R/R  
Giblin - sub, Rob   8    
Hulse, Matthew C, P, OF   0   R/R  
Korvas, Bob IF, P   0   R/R  
Lakin, Howard C, IF, OF   0   R/R  
Lamonaca, Phil OF   0   R/R  
Lofgren, Mark IF, OF   0   R/R  
Long, Mike IF, 1B   0   R/R  
Nelson, Jim OF, IF   0   R/R  
Paterno, Dathan OF   0   R/R  
Porcayo, Javier OF   0   R/R  
Ross, ryan OF, 1B, P   20   L/L  
Smith, Phil IF, OF   0   R/R  
Sommer, Bob 2B, OF   0   B/R  
Trotter, Jeff OF   0   R/R